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Ready to take back control of your emotions and find the ability to move through the uncomfortable road to your personal growth? Feeling like you aren't exactly where you want to be, but don't know how to move from where you have been for a while? If that's you, welcome to the place where personal development and mental health meet.

Yes, we said that. Your emotions and growth go hand in hand. 

Welcome to the place that allows you to access your growth while using your mental health as an asset. No struggle here, just success!

“Every object persists in its state of rest or uniform motion in a straight line unless it is compelled to change that state by forces impressed on it.” - Issac Newton


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The 1st Membership EVER that will help you grow in your personal development and success while learning to use your mental health as an asset. Learn to match your words with action instead of listening to your emotions.

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Find your breakthrough in listening to the authenticity of yourself and using your mind & body to rebel against your past self. The future you is call and it's time to answer your soul's needs.

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The Return Of Energy Course

Coming soon is a course that will help you direct your energy to create the life you want. 

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A community allowing you to take control of your mental health and invest in your personal growth. Our FREE Facebook community allows you a collective space to get free trainings and guidance from Ashton. (Join Now using the link below)

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Get Past The Emotions & Narratives Holding You Back, Invest In Your Mental Health, And Manifest Your Vision With A Coach Supporting You 1 On 1.

4 months from now, you can be exactly where you want to be. First, you have to learn to trust yourself. Working with Ashton 1-1 will give you the support you need to move faster and give you the exact strategy to get past where you have found yourself stuck before. Procrastination and burn-out will no longer reign over you when Ashton is supporting your side.

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The BadAsh Babe


Hey ya, sexy human! I'm Ashton, best known as The BadAsh Babe™. I am a mental life coach and thought leader, but things weren't always this way. At 15 years old, I left my hometown and all that I knew to follow my dreams. Quite a few years later and though a struggle to find direction with PTSD, I was lead on an even more in-depth growth journey. With hardship and being uncomfortable comes a greater understanding of who we are. As I kid I knew I was supposed to lead and serve others, but I wasn't sure what that would exactly mean. Today, I help pioneering individuals and high performers take back control of their mental health to manifest their growth by learning to rewire their brains.



The Uncomfortably Broken-Through Podcast with The BadAsh Babe

Looking for direction and encouragement for taking the next step in creating your growth while avoiding burn-out? Listen from anywhere right now to step into your purpose and pioneer your own path to fulfillment. 



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"Are you ready for a coach to invest in you? That’s right, you heard me! There are moments you know you’re making the best decision and that was when I signed Ashton as my life coach. Through our time together, we broke through limiting beliefs I didn’t know existed, left the comfort zone in the rearview mirror, and implemented practices that allowed me to show up as my authentic self! Through the process, we have grown as friends and will definitely continue working together in the future! With utmost respect and confidence, I recommend you hire Ashton as your next coach!"


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